The first gym in the Maldives

Male’ Fitness Club is the first gym in the Maldives. The club is the brainchild of founder/director Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, the first Maldivian graduate in Physical Education and Sports Science. Hamid’s career in the area of sports and fitness ranged from teaching to policy and management within the education and sports ministries of government.

The club opened its first facility at the Galolhu National Stadium in 1989. Commercial sustainability drove the enterprise to move a number of times till settling in its present premises, H. Colesium (1st floor), in 2003.

Initially run as a proprietorship, the club came under corporate management in 2003. An additional facility, MFC Hers, opened in 2005 and was the first exclusively women’s gym in the Maldives. However, MFC Hers was discontinued due to human resource constraints after six years in operation.

The company now manages a popular gym offering one of the best gym floors at a competitive price, with a loyal clientele. While we hope to offer multiple facilities, the current focus of the company is on human resource development. As the first fitness club, with over two decades of experience, we have developed a reputation for friendly and professional service and feel we have much to offer the fitness enthusiast.

We seek to expand our facilities and services into the future. The Male’ Fitness Club will be moving to a new 4,000 square feet premises on the 4th Floor of H. Shady Corner. This is two blocks up the road from the present premises.

MFC is also in the process of developing the MFC Academy as its education & human resource development arm. As such we now have a full calendar of study where we offer a FITNESS INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATE III course. The course comprise two modules, with each module offered twice, spread out among 4 semesters. The MFC Academy has a full-time Technical Director, Mr. Janaka Samarasinghe.

The MFC Shop is an outlet for fitness related items sought by members. We stock drinks, supplements, merchandise and used equipment.